AzteQ Solutions

Brand identity, marketing collateral and e-media communications.


Illustrating technology

Azteq Solutions specializes in the provision of high quality IT installation services covering the UK. Its managed field services include network cabling, IT hardware and installation of specialist connectivity products, including wireless LAN, laser links, wireless bridges, CCTV over IP, VoIP and entry control systems.The company sought to bring its technical concepts to life via abstract images that illustrate the various technical abilities of the brand both in print and online.

AzteQ Solutions

The creation of a visual abstract language used primarily online for a virtual audience. The style of graphics and related colour ways mirrors and reinforces the brands corporate identity whilst the images themselves provide a creative insight into what would otherwise be an overly technically ‘dry’ subject. Azteq now plans to use the approach across other channels of communication such as brochures and trade events to further reinforce the brand and its routes to markets.

Case studies